Connecting The Communities

Enlarge your borders, grows your opportunities, sharpens your skills and spread the good things in your creations!

There’re many Muslim communities in the world related to creative creations, performing arts, nasheed, qasida, zikr and maulid events, Muslim lifestyle showcase and halal business expositions but all of this seems been non affected to global attention to more precise to noted our appearances, online or offline.

So lets make it hype, let be seen, be heard and get noticed! By joining this International Islamic Music Conference 2019 (iITF2019) you can create the possibilities. Let’s be united.

Calling all of this relevant persons or organization to join this Conference:-

Content Entrepreneurs Network – Build & enlarge your networking, possibilities of collaborations, ventures, ect. Join the community of creative creators who independently owned their recordings of music, audio, video, movie, graphic & calligraphy design, photography or record label, publisher, video, movie & animation production house;

Performing & Talent Business – Expose your talent, pitch your ideas and showcase you! Join the communities of Performers, Entertainers, Speakers, Designers, Videographer & Photographer, Event Organizer, Artists Management, Songwriters/Composers, Writers, Studio recording & post-production services; mingle around! Maybe you can have inked some deals to make you busy throughout a year!

Creative Entrepreneurship Booster – Learn, get more information, tips & tricks. Know the basic of creative business, what is IP, copyright and how to earn and collect your multiple streams of royalties, distribution, ect.; all of this directly from the success business owners, managers, talents, munsyid, creative entrepreneurs marketing & Networking, Education & knowledge accessibilities, Muslimah Creative Entrepreneur,

Technology & Innovation – Discover new inventions, technology, upcoming platform services and all about creative technopreneurs of ICT, Multimedia, Digital Content Distributions & Monetizing, ecommerce & mobile/web applications;

MuslimPreneurs – Creative music, design, video have the most powerful influence to attract customers and create the market segmented by ages & genres. Let’s enlarge the networking & collaboration, brand & product engagement, Halal & Islamic Products/Services – Tourism, Finance, Fashion & Cosmetic, Media & Recreational & all sectors related to entertainment. Together we create the awareness!

All enquiries can be made to So lets meetup, inshaa Allah!